BMC Group - Business Management Consulting and Blue Marble Logistics registered with AISA since 2008.


Mission: Enhance the quality of life for consumers through helping organization; individuals improve their knowledge, services and capabilities.

Vision:  To be recognized as an outstanding firm in providing best quality services.

Logistical Support

Every time a truck comes back empty or goes out half full, your company loses money. BMC Logistics’ total logistics management services can help you eliminate that wasted effort, set delivery priorities and streamline your supply chain. 

Blue Marble Logistics

BMC Logistics’ full-time engineering staff will develop an efficient logistics model for your business, analyzing your products and shipping/receiving patterns and specifying vehicles and routes which best suit your customers and cargo needs.

Using logistics expertise, we'll develop a highly effective computerized routing and scheduling plan that gets the right-size trucks with the right loads to the right places - on schedule.  We'll also show you how to:

  • Set delivery priorities

  • Arrange for cost-effective backhaul

  • Schedule in logical fuel stops

  • Load for maximum space efficiency

  • When you need to add trucks or locations, BMC Logistics can easily adjust your logistics model to accommodate the changes - without service interruption.

 Procurement and distribution

Blue Marble Company also the logistics and administrative requirements for capital and operational expenditures and accommodate short term financing needs. We have expertise in providing services to multiple industry sectors with emphasis on the Construction, Government, non-government sectors. 

We address all phases in the procurement processes:

  • Needs definition - quotation preparation - follow-up - consolidation – shipment

  • Our procurement offers are based on competitive market prices and cater to client selected suppliers.

BMC provides the following key advantages to our clients:

  • Effective procurement support

  • Competitive purchase prices

  • Attractive short & medium term credit

 Human Resources, Management and Administrative Services

The BMC is committed to provide companies/organizations with valuable consultancy services in the specialized fields of Human Resources and Management.

Details of which are as follows:-

Human Resources

The BMC Logistics Company can completely relieve you of the costly, time-consuming burden of recruiting, hiring, and training drivers, as well as dock workers, supervisors and clerical staff. We provide comprehensive personnel, payroll and benefits services, including:

  • Recruiting and advertising

  • Training

  •  Providing replacement employees during funerals, jury duty, vacations and sick leave

  • Retraining and cross-training

  • Supervision and management

  • Personnel

  • Maintaining employee records to meet organizational requirements

  • Administering payroll and benefits packages

  • Liability insurance, accident and workers' compensation coordination

  • Maintaining logs and time cards

  • Taking work permits

  • 1.2  Management Consultancies

  • Administrative Procedures & Manuals

  • Designing of Administrative Rules & Regulations

  • Designing of Job Description

  • Designing of Management Policies

  • Designing of over-all office setup

  • Designing of the office documentation (Administrative and Management)

  • Development of Organizational Guidance

  • External evaluation of organizational Networking, and Co-ordination with the different Governmental and Non-governmental organizations

  •  Interaction with external bodies/ Donors etc

  •  Management Performance Evaluation

  •  Monitoring/Operational Manuals

 Vehicle Rentals



Out of provinces

 Taxation services

We also have staff that possesses good command on tax laws of Afghanistan. BMC LOGISTICS tax staff has fresh and up to date knowledge about the tax matters. We have range of tax services for our valued clients. These may include following:

  •  Computation and calculation of amount of tax at source at the time of payment

  •  Expert opinion regarding tax matters.

  •  Recommendations regarding tax matters faced by the clients.

  •  Appearance before tax authorities on behalf of the clients regarding tax matters.

  •  Advise to the clients to avoid additional tax, surcharge and penalties.

  •  Prepare appeal documents for the clients to appear before tax authorities on behalf of the clients regarding any tax matter.

  •  Preparation of tax history of the client for inclusion of exact tax figures in final accounts.

  •  Calculation and determination of taxable income of the business and final tax liability thereon at year end.

  • Preparation of monthly and annual tax returns of the employees whose tax has been deducted by the employer.

Custom Cle wide range of custom clearing services. With the latest customs regulations & procedures in Afghanistan, we properly handle clearance of various import & export consignments by air, sea and road more efficiently and easily. Our main services under the fold of custom clearing services include:

  •  Guidance

  •  Consultancy on pre and post shipment services

  •  Liaising and follow up with various government organizations

  •  Documentation procedures like preparation and handling of documents

  •  All post shipment formalities and endorsements

  •  Advice and consultancy to the clients in document preparation of import and export

  •  Closing of evaluation or estimation and examination procedures & payments.

  •  Meeting varied custom formalities

We assist our clients regarding import & export customs clearances. For import consignments, we require various documents including:

  •  Original invoice

  •  Packing list

  •  Bill of landing

  •  Bill endorsed by the bank or importer

  •  Insurance certificate

  •  Purchase order in form of letter of credit

  •  Import license

For export clearance, the documents required are:

  •  Permit or export license or permit

  •  Sale contracts along with Invoice

  •  Packing list

  •  Shipping instruction.

Other advantages

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